Monday, May 01, 2006


Well ever since I moved to Baton Rouge i've had trouble in math,friends,teasing ect. but the worst thing about school was that every one called me stupid becuase I had ADD ( attention deficit disorder ) and that made me really ticked becuase it was bad enough that I had to leave all my old friends and now that I moved here the kids just make fun of me. ADD means its hard for me to sit still and concentrate ,the only way I can do that is if the teacher is right there with me or if i'm focusing on a video game. Just yesterday I was on the phone with Damiangurl and I told skc that she acts kind of wierd sometimes and then Damiangurl said that how can you say that she acts wierd when your the one with ADD. Sometimes I just want to cry and need to talk to some one who won't lecture me and just listen and also gives a few friendly suggestions. But I can never find a person who has gone through ridicule,and back stabbing, and Moving from place to place. First I lived in New Orleans where every one thought thats just the way I act and all love me. Then I lived in Los Angelas where no one knew me but My mom her ,closest friend, and her son and that was pretty o.k. Then I lived in Baton Rouge while no one new my dirty secret. Then I lived in Florida where they realized I had ADD. Then back to Baton Rouge and thats when my secret was found out and my life changed I was the only realy " abnormal " child in the class room. So now when I act to silly my parents threaten make me take my ADD medicine also called Stratera becuase they know it puts me to sleep. Well we have come to the end of this post if you want to know more than leave a comment, thanks.