Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My feelings about Gay,Homosexual and ect.

I hate it when people say that god hates gaypeople so i ask "well if god hates gay people why did he make them?" Most would answer that god did not make them,satan did. But god has some say in what satan does, if he didn't this world would be exstinct by now !!! Unless they where trying to say that satan is more powerful than god! any way what's wrong with being gay even if god doesn't like gay people he wouldn't want us to be mean or hateful towards them. It really hurts me when i see people acting that way towards gay people!they are people too they have the same problems as we do; money,school,kids,friends,parents.Sometime there problems are even harder than ours because there gay.I just wish people where more accepting of these things. They time i even saw some one being treeted unfairly becuase of there sexuality was when my grandparents kicked my aunt out she was one of my bestfriends; I was six then, i have only seen her once since then.I miss her. So maybe next time you are mean to someone for bing gay remember they can't help that,it's not something you just wake one morning and deside to be,you either are or you aren't. Try to think about how you would feel if some one did that to you!