Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My feelings about Gay,Homosexual and ect.

I hate it when people say that god hates gaypeople so i ask "well if god hates gay people why did he make them?" Most would answer that god did not make them,satan did. But god has some say in what satan does, if he didn't this world would be exstinct by now !!! Unless they where trying to say that satan is more powerful than god! any way what's wrong with being gay even if god doesn't like gay people he wouldn't want us to be mean or hateful towards them. It really hurts me when i see people acting that way towards gay people!they are people too they have the same problems as we do; money,school,kids,friends,parents.Sometime there problems are even harder than ours because there gay.I just wish people where more accepting of these things. They time i even saw some one being treeted unfairly becuase of there sexuality was when my grandparents kicked my aunt out she was one of my bestfriends; I was six then, i have only seen her once since then.I miss her. So maybe next time you are mean to someone for bing gay remember they can't help that,it's not something you just wake one morning and deside to be,you either are or you aren't. Try to think about how you would feel if some one did that to you!


Ravenmn said...

Wise words, Siren. I hope you get to see your aunt again soon.

I'm here via Bint, and I hope you have a wonderful day today! Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

"Try to think about how you would feel if some one did that to you!"
wise words indeed!
Thank you.
I heard it was your birthday too! So have a good one and I look forward to more of your words.

Foofa said...

Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Sassywho said...

Happy Birthday, very wise words indeed.

bint alshamsa said...

Hey Siren,

Some one visited my blog and left a few comments that touch on the subject you're discussing here. They were absolutely brilliant and thought-provoking (Go girl-power!!). She and I talked about it and I thought it would be excellent "homework" for you and me to think and write about on our blogs. It could be our first posts where we tackled the same questions by ourself and then came together to form some conclusions. Wouldn't that be great?!

This commenter goes by the name of "anonymous" so I think I'd better do a quick lesson on why some people on the internet prefer to remain anonymous.

Some people have jobs that necessitate them keeping a certain kind of image even when they aren't at work. Some people don't want the message they are expressing to be overshadowed by who they may be in the world outside of the internet. For instance, let's say Adam Sandler wanted to come on someone's blog and talk about why he thinks global warming needs to be addressed. If people knew it was him talking, they might be less likely to take him seriously because he tends to play a lot of comedic roles as an actor. However, if he made his point without identifying who he was, people could simply focus on what he said without being distracted by who he is.

Every once in awhile, some one will opt to comment as "anonymous" in order to (purposely) make very bigoted remarks without any one knowing who they are. I think that's pretty cowardly and I definitely don't respect that sort of behavior at all. However, you probably won't run into too many of those sorts of people just yet but it could happen and I didn't want it to catch you off guard.

I've asked the really smart "anonymous" from my blog to come here and talk about some of the stuff she and I discussed. She agreed to come to your DragonFlyCave and leave the questions that I thought you and I could work on answering. She's full of ideas that never really occurred to me so we're really lucky that she agreed to do this. She also said that she'd maybe come back and give us some feedback afterwards. Let's keep our fingers crossed, okay?

Let me know when you've read her post so that we can start talking about the stuff she wrote!!

(((nose kisses and bear hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Siren,

Your mother and I have been having a discussion on her blog that she said she would mention to you; I see that she posted a comment about it (but please don't let that description of "brilliant" raise your expectations too much, ok?)

Anyway. She asked me to gather some questions I posted on her blog and post them here to you for your reflection.

So you have a sense of where I'm coming from: I'm a lesbian. I know a lot of people focus on whether we are normal or not, whether we were born this way or not, etc. We queer (gay, lesbian, bi, etc) people and our allies/supporters/friends often feel pressured to explain and justify our queer-ness/gay-ness. But I believe that we should not have to do that. At all. I believe that so much focus on "why we are this way" takes attention from other issues that are more important to look at.

For me, the more central questions are about this society itself, not about us.

So here are some of the questions I would start with:

What do you think our lives and society would be like if some people weren't hurt and targeted and insulted and shunned for the gender of their sexual and romantic partners -- and why does our society not look like that?

How is heterosexuality set up in this society -- what does it look like and how does it function? Why is heterosexuality set up like it is in this society?

What are the acceptable roles of boys/men and girls/women in heterosexual relationships in this society? Why are male and female heterosexual roles the way they are in this society?

Why would a society target gay people as this one does?

Who and what defines "normal" and "natural" in this society, and why do they have the authority to do that?

Why would your previous religion -- your mother mentioned it to me -- target gay people like it does? (this question is not about what that religion says about gay people, but taking a step back from that to look critically at its own assumptions and the flaws in its own understanding of reality)

Why is Christianity so powerful on this actual land (in what is now but has not always been "the United States")? Specifically, what happened -- how and from who did Christianity come to this land and spread, what other ways of understanding and spirituality did it try to eliminate ... how did it actually happen that this particular religion came to this land and got so dominant and so powerful?

(by the way, The way I see it, there are no right answers -- this is just for learning and thinking out loud).

PS You know, I think I may have chosen "anonymous" in your mother's blog because I didn't actually *notice* the "other" category as an option to click on and I don't have a google/blogger account. I'll sign my first name here, it's ok.

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Today I feel really sad, in my room I wonder how good it would be equal to others, to live a normal life without fear of speaking what I feel without fear of what peopl will speak. I'm just stuck in my world, afraid of everybody, including me, afraid I could not be strong enough to fight and win. My family would never understand my feelings, and would not ask to be that way, I did not ask to feel what I feel, to love whom I love.
My biggest wish for 2012 is to leave my home and have a life, I realize a childhood dream, even with 30 years, I want to be a doctor and helping people to live, that is enough and I would forget my feelings. Do not take it anymore, I'm not worthy of happiness, but I wish to be happy.
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