Friday, September 14, 2007


Theses are two scenes from Tod Browning's "Freaks".It really hurts me some times to know that every body, and i mean every body, is afraid of any one who looks different from them. YOU KNOW ITS TRUE! I know it is because, as you may already know I have ADD but if you saw me and i never told you that you would probably shake my hand, hug me, and never know any thing was wrong with me. How ever, if i had bulging red eyes, green slimy hair, and a big fat pig snout in the center of my forehead you would probably think twice before hugging me. Theses people were teased every day because of how they looked. Ya' know how when your were little and all the other kids would make fun of you because you had dorky glasses or natty hair and you'd come home crying and your mom would sit you on your lap and say "It's alright dear your glasses are just fine, and your hair is so beautiful.". Well it was different for them there mother could say " oh dear you don't have green skin." or "Oh dear you don't have an abnormally sized head." because they did and most there mothers had given them away when they where babies because they were scared too!!!So next the next time you see some one who looks a little different or is handy capped give them a complement, what you do after that, i don't care but those people people will remember that for the rest of the day.

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[Nicolas] said...

"Freaks" is one of my favourite film. It is so old, I am surprise somebody is interesting in yet. Nice blog. Bye