Monday, November 12, 2007

my artistic (autistic) family

I am so lucky to have a family that is so artistic. I love it 'cause i have alotta people to support me and my artwork. i think i got my "drawing genes" from my dad since mom can't even draw a stick figure. I remember staying up real late listening to my uncle ( who we will refer to as the BrassKnuckles) play his saxaphone until my grandmother came storming out demanding he go to bed! My uncle used to let me blow on his sax but i always kept on bitting and breaking the reed. Every once in a while i would blow a perfect note, and then i would try again, and this time i would break this read. Uncle BrassKnuckles would also bring home lots of other musicians, and they would stay over soooooooo long that i would soon start to refering to them as Uncle or Aunty. I love my uncle BrassKnuckles. Then there is my mom who wrote poems day and night. She would always be on the phone reading one her peoms to her friends. My mom has been a poet ever since she was a little girl.One the first poems my mom every wrote was silly poem about eating horses with rice. my mom and my uncle are just two of many in my crazy arty family!!!!!

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