Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My feeling on dating in middle school

every one in my school has a boyfriend or girl friend except me. my parents believe that if they can't drive, make their own money, or take you any where then they aren't really your boyfriend, which is true (to some degree). However there are boys at my school who are as old as 15 and can drive and can (and some do) earn their own money. So if i liked them and they just happened to like me back, does that make them my boyfriend? I feel that it's ok to have boyfriend as long as your not doin' PDA. My parents also don't let me talk on the phone to boys. What can it hurt??? Look all i'm sayin' is that parents need to lighten up a bit. Besides these days it not the little boys you gotta watch out for it's the girls there so mean and snobish. What every happend to girl code people?? Ya' know stickin' together, keepin' secrets', bein' nice to each other HUH HUH ?! I'm almost ashamed of what the female gender has become. Now the Males they can stay the same, yeah stay hot!!

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Happyblogger said...

haha funny I totally agree parents aren used to the dating standards now, lighten up!