Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Election Speech

If I were president, my law would be to make all school hours nine to eleven. My second rule would be, to make it able for students to elect their own principal. My third rule would be, that every parent would have to do what their child says and just to make sure that they follow through with this law, a soldier will be put in every home to tazer the parents when they do not listen to the kids. My fourth law would be that every child be supplied with two pounds of candy every two days. No child's bag will be allowed to empty. My fifth law would be that it was illegal for all schools to actually teach you stuff and have grades and have bells because bells are very annoying. School is a waste of time. How many kids do you think are going to grow up and actually use the information that you find in the textbooks. Sure a few know-it-all freaks are going to actually use this information but that's okay because nobody will remember them anyway. So vote for me for president.

1 comment:

bint alshamsa said...

Hmph! A lot of these proposed laws seem a bit self-serving, if you ask me. I'll be voting for your competition! Do you think we could get your principal to run? I'm sure all the parents would like that! ;oP